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Medical Qigong

return to the vastness of pure being

we must be willing to abandon the life we've planned
in order to have the life that's waiting for us.

-  Joseph campbell

about lisa

Drawing from a wellspring of both Eastern and Western modalities, Lisa Dubrow is a Doctor of Medical Qigong, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and a Certified Aromatherapist. Her voyage of discovery has been both passionate and sweeping — leading from her modest Tennessee roots to living in such diverse locales as Mexico City, Houston, Santa Barbara, and now Sedona and San Miguel de Allende, where she bases her wellness practice. Valuing presence and compassion above all else, Lisa enjoys partnering with each client to achieve her or his optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Lisa provides healthful, rejuvenating and highly personalized treatment sessions in three modalities: Medical Qigong, Massage and Aromatherapy.  

why medical

Medical Qigong Therapy is an ancient branch of Chinese Medicine which treats the person at the level of jing (physical body), qi (life force) and shen (spirit/mind).  By removing obstacles to the flow of qi, deep healing is possible, and the client is able to realize both clearer states of perception and naturally enhanced health.


Medical Qigong asks you to participate in your own physical, emotional and spritual well being. To support this process, Lisa prescribes time-honored exercises and meditations descended from Daoist masters. They're  easy to learn and delightful to perform, presenting a welcome

alternative to the drugs and surgeries that too often characterize Western medicine. Lisa's clients enjoy cost-free access to her exclusive library of Qigong exercise videos and audio meditations. 

classes & retreats

These immersive presentations and destination workshops are designed to prolong the benefits of clinical treatments by empowering clients to take an active role in their health maintenance process.  Integrating static postures, movements to activate the channels and vessels, walking techniques, deep breathing, and guided meditation, classes are appropriate for all fitness levels. Come join Lisa and a distinguished roster of guest teachers at these enjoyable and valuable gatherings and retreats.

Lisa Bryant & Julie Engsberg of

Sedona Medical Qigong

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