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Classes and retreats

Medical Qigong classes and workshops are designed to prolong the benefits of treatments by empowering clients to take an active, ongoing role in their own healing.  Integrating static postures, movements to activate the channels and vessels, walking techniques, deep breathing, and guided meditation, classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.  

Daoist Five

Purge, tonify and regulate the five major pairs of internal organs and channels.  Review individual prescription exercises.  Ends with a guided meditation for healing.  Contact us for times and location.

Old Man Searching for the  Moon in the Tide Pool

An ancient Daoist exercise for purging toxic emotions from the internal organs, allowing for deep healing and clearer perception.  Monthly the week of the Full Moon.  Reservation required.  Contact us for times and location.  

Healing trauma Intensive 

Going deep with 8 table treatments, prescription exercises and meditations, we will release deep trauma held in the body.  Ideal for releasing trauma from physical or sexual abuse and post traumatic stress.   Available as a single or series of destination retreats in San Miguel de Allende and Sedona.  Call for information.

Emotional Rescue

Package of 5 two-hour group classes and 3 individual one-hour treatments.  Classes consist of 3 ancient Daoist exercises using sound and movement to facilitate the deep release of toxic emotions stored within the internal organs.  Followed up with 3 treatments specifically designed for you to release deep, long-standing emotional patterns, allowing space

for clearer perception and higher states of consciousness.  

Treatments to be used within 30 days of classes.   Call to schedule.  Package $375 ($470 value).  

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