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Medical Qigong asks you to participate in your own physical, emotional and spritual
well-being. To support this process, Lisa prescribes time-honored exercises and meditations descended from Daoist masters. They're  easy to learn and delightful to perform, presenting a welcome alternative to the drugs and surgeries that too often characterize Western medicine. Lisa's clients enjoy cost-free access to her exclusive library of Qigong exercise videos and audio meditations which come directly from or are adapted from Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson's books, "The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine" and as taught by the International College of Medical Qigong and Abbot Dr. Bernard Shannon.


Exercise videos are intended to be used in addition to personal instruction received at the time
of your treatment as these exercises will be customized for your constitution and wellness goals.

 It is very important that you do not attempt to perform these exercises without guidance
from a Medical Qigong professional.

Video Prescriptions

You may view these Private Videos by clicking on "Watch."

1 - Pulling Down the Heavens

2 - Wuji

3 - Ascending Yin, Descending Yang

4 - Double Ascend  Yin, Descend Yang

5 - Old Man

6 - Kidney

7 - Lung Tonifying

8 - Winding the Belt Vessel

9 - Small Circle Belt

10 - Ocean Waves

11 -  Snake Body

12 - Circle Dantian

Audio Prescriptions

Click  on upper half of Meditation frame
to listen. Headphones are suggested.

A - 1 Through 4 Meditation

B - 1 Through 10 Meditation

C - The Three Invocations

D - Fire & Water Meditation

E - Wu Zang Meditation

F - Pulling Out the Pain Meditation

G - Dispelling the Filth Meditation

H - Releasing Emotional Blockages - Liver

I - Releasing Emotional Blockages - Heart

J - Releasing Emotional Blockages - Spleen

K -Releasing Emotional Blockages - Lungs

L - Releasing Emotional Blockages - Kidney

13 - I Chuan - Static Posture

14 - Healing Sounds - Five Yin Organs

15 - Healing Sound - Reproductive Organs

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