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Yin and Yang

Dao is the state of pure potentiality, and all “being” emerges from “non-being.” The first action which occurs from this non-dual state is the separation of yin and yang. Yin represents our physical form, and yang represents our awareness, mind and spirit. Yin is the primordial seed planted within us, and yang is the nurturing influence of the heavens as it draws life experience to us to allow us to fulfill our destiny. Yin is the quiet, still, receptive place within us. Yang is the active principle, urging us towards growth. But like a tree, the deeper our roots are anchored within the earth (yin), the higher our branches and leaves can soar (yang). It is the yin that creates the possibility for yang. Each is interdependent and continually transforming into the other. Just as dawn gives rise to light and the sun rises each day (yang), it continues its movement to the sunset and the darkness of night (yin). So too are the seasons from the warming of the spring, to the heat of the summer (yang), but leading always to the briskness of autumn and the cold of winter (yin). Yin and yang are intricate parts of the whole, and health and happiness depend upon the cultivation of each. The more we can allow heaven (yang) to flow through the earth (yin) unimpeded, the more our true destiny can manifest. Cultivate openness. Integrate life experiences (yang) and allow them to nurture the form (yin).

Yin Yang Meditation Essential Oil Blend:

2 drops Vetiver (root, yin, nourishing)

4 drops Cedarwood (bark, yang, strengthening)

3 drops Frankincense (resin, yin, contemplative)

2 drops Ylang ylang (flower, balanced, harmonizing)

Add to 15 ml (1/2 oz.) organic jojoba oil. Consecrate and blend the oils, place a few drops on the hands, rub them together, and breathe in the blend deeply 8-10 breaths. Apply the oils to the base of the spine and the third eye.

Lisa Bryant, MMQ (Master of Medical Qigong), CA (Certified Aromatherapist)

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